It's so easy to get distracted in our times of instant information. We're attracted to drama, to bad news, to something to be indignant about. We hear about conflict, ignorance, power struggles, and evil in the world and there's a part of us that wants to do something about it. So we pass it on. And in so doing we attract and perpetuate more drama, more bad news, more unfairness.

But how useful is it to pass along the drama we see in the world without taking any real action? We fool ourselves into the belief that we're increasing awareness and that in that increased awareness we'll get someone else to take some action, we'll somehow evoke some change in others.

We know though that change begins with each of us. Want to cure world hunger? Work in a local soup kitchen. Want to stop abuse? Open your home to someone who needs a safe harbor. Want to save animals from euthanasia? Adopt a pet.

Actions are so very much stronger than words. Be today an agent of peace, of love, of compassion. Start in your own household or your own neighborhood.

What can you do today to change the world?

Love and giggles,