As 2010 draws to its close, it's a good time to pause, to reflect, to survey the year's triumphs and trials, and to ready for a brand new year. The year brought me love, abundance, fulfillment, friendship, and much growth. I published two new books and have two others nearly ready. I created a couple websites for myself and one for The New Writers group, in which I'm involved and committed. I just yesterday received an acceptance letter from a publisher for a new book, a collection of my poems.

It seems to me that many of us are a bit too stuck in the idea of being in the moment, in the now. Without taking time to look back, we rob ourselves of the opportunity to celebrate our victories and our growth. And in a lack of celebration, we miss out on feelings of both joy and gratitude. And likewise, when we fail to look toward a brighter tomorrow, we miss out on our natural desire to dream and to feel hope.

So, yes, be mindful of the moment, of the present, of now, but not at the cost of denying a wonderful past and an even more wonderful future. Our minds are created such that we can indeed enjoy the full spectrum of time, of our experiences, of past, future, and present.

Happy New Year!

Love and giggles,