Love is everything;
But more simply...
That which connects,
Me to you.

The world is changing. Many of us are on paths of awakening, paths to higher awareness of our enlightenment. All the traditions and paths of spiritual growth differ, but they all have a few things in common. In choosing to embrace the spiritual, we choose to embrace our oneness; and recognition of our oneness requires love.

Love is compassion, love is kindness, love is creation and truth. Love removes separation, love turns differences meaningless, love erases fearfulness; love allows and encourages the sharing of our light, the light that is our very essence.

Love's attributes change with its many flavors; parent to child, friend to friend, stranger to stranger, lover to lover, me to you. Yet at love's core, love is the same. Love is the courageous and truthful sharing and merging of one with another. Love is allowing and encouraging our light to shine.

The names we choose matter little, whether Love, God, Creation, Spirit, Truth; love is constant, love is free, love is infinite; love is ever-present, ever-flowing, ever-near. To consider love, to theorize about love, to contemplate love, to seek to understand love – none of these things are love. Thoughts and understanding can intend love, invite love, invoke love, reveal love, but thoughts and understanding are not themselves love. Love is that not-quite-conceivable Essence transcending and underlying that which we perceive as humanity, as existence. Love is the Crux of who We truly Are.

It is possible that we may never fully realize the love that we are. It is conceivable that we, in these human embodiments, are unable to taste the totality and unending perfection of the impossibly sweet fruit that is love. Herein lies the need for faith, the innocent and naïve belief in that which cannot be proved and will never be experienced in its completeness. But love, nonetheless, must remain our goal, our intent, our quest, our desire.

As we seek and discover and manifest ever-higher experiences of love, we learn the subtle song of love's invitation, love's invocation, love's realization. The song becomes our reason, our cause, our necessity, for being. We dismiss those thoughts and acts from our lives that would inhibit love's awakening, love's destiny: judgment, bitterness, fear, contention; we invoke their opposites, love's attractors: acceptance, forgiveness, courage, unity.

Each thought, each feeling, each action, by each and every one of us, either invites or discourages love. Love can never be destroyed nor weakened, but can be denied. This is the nature of free will. We are free to choose love and love's attractors or not. In each moment we have this choice. Choose this moment to love, to share and invite love, to dismiss love's detractors, to think, feel, and share love. In this simple choice, repeated constantly, we change the world.

I love you,
Stevie Ray

Thanks Justine for the prompt.