"Embracing Failure" is a mindset, a paradigm, understood by all successful people throughout time, if not consciously, at least instinctually. Anyone who has ever enjoyed sustained success in any field or endeavor has also experienced failure, usually great failure. Failures build character and guide us to learn what not to do next time; failures can be great teachers. Embracing Failure is developing an awareness that we succeed only through trying; and that more often than not, the initial tries do not bring success, but bring failures. To become aware, to accept, and to embrace the fear of failure and the failures themselves therefore frees us to be willing to take greater risks, more often. To embrace failure greatly improves our odds of ultimate success.

Most of us are are filled with fear. We fear success, we fear pain, we fear loss, we fear unmet needs, and perhaps most of all, we fear failure. We learn to not take unnecessary risks, we learn to play it safe, we learn to be comfortable and satisfied crawling through life. Most of us. Some of us though, learn to accept the fear of failure and walk through it. Courage is not a lack of fear, but a willingness to walk through it. This book then, is about accepting the fear. As we learn to first acknowledge, then accept, and finally embrace the possibility of failure, we can learn to try anyway. And as we continue to try, no matter what, eventual success is assured.