There's much talk lately about the power of dreams, of intent, of attraction. While it's absolutely true that we create our lives by our intents, and that the Law of Attraction is at work in the Universe, this is not the whole story. Good intentions without action are virtually worthless.

We, each and every one of us, is part of the Divine Whole. As part of that Whole, we are indeed instruments of God. Our thoughts, our intents, our actions, regardless of our level of awareness, are part of the Divine Perfection that flows, that knows, that grows.

We begin our journeys in innocence. Then, as we live and learn in a world that knows not the fullness of God and Truth, we drift from that innocence to a place of fear. Fear creates perceptions of lack, loss, imperfection. Our minds become ruled by that perception of imperfection. Our lives our painful; our thoughts move from love.

At some point in our journeys we reach a turning point, a place where we've endured enough pain, a place where the pain of our lives becomes unbearable and we choose to try a new path. We learn about God or we learn new ways of seeing God. We move to a place of hope, then to faith, trust, and surrender to our Divine Nature. We wake. We know God. We know heaven.

We have moved from a perception of separateness and pain to a place of oneness and love. We know peace. Heaven is all around us. Our spirits soar.

After a time, we come full circle. We have a realization that God created us, all others, and all that we see, feel, taste, and experience. We come to know that all of our thoughts emanate from One Source. We are not only children of God but extensions of God. The lives we abandoned as we climbed the mountain of growth and awareness return. We climbed to the peak. We chose Love. We took the leap of faith. We soared.

We soar above the world we once saw as imperfect and fearful and now see it with open eyes, with eyes of love. And we realize now we have another choice. We can soar with God or we can rejoin the world. We can join the world as instruments of peace and love. Or we can do both. In these physical bodies and limited minds, we live, we act, we give, we participate with others in this world. At the same time, we exist in full awareness of God's complete presence and connection. In this place, beyond enlightenment, why not take some action? As God's Hands. As God's extensions. As messengers of Love.

There's a wonderful Zen saying that illustrates this well: "Before enlightenment, chop wood, carry water; after enlightenment, chop wood, carry water."

Take some action today. For you. For God. For this world in which we all live, love, grow, carry water, and chop wood.

Love and giggles,