Our lives are the sum of the effects of all our thoughts, acts, and beliefs, until this very point in time. If we want our lives to be different, we need change our thoughts. Attraction guides people, situations, and things our way in accordance with and in resonance with our thoughts and beliefs. If we want a better life, more fulfilling, more peaceful, more joyous, we need to change our thoughts and beliefs.

This process is rarely easy and even more rarely fast. It takes time, consistency, and discipline to release, to let go of our old habits and beliefs. We've spent decades building a set of beliefs based on what we've been told, what we've experienced, and what we've chosen to believe and hold as important. Some of these beliefs are good; the sum total of our beliefs forms our ideals and values and determines, in both an abstract and in a very real sense, who and what we are. But some of these beliefs are not so good. Their presence causes us to receive more of what we've received. If we want change in our lives, if we wish for betterment, we need to seek, acknowledge, and accept our beliefs as they are and as they have been. This acceptance is a precursor to change.

As an example, I have tended to see myself, for as long as I can remember, as small and unworthy. So long as I continue to believe this about myself, the Universe, Source, God, will respond in kind, and the people I meet and situations I attract into my life will be the mirror of this flawed belief. Letting go of this belief has taken a willingness, a surrender to Divine. The power I have, the small power of my conscious ego-mind, is not sufficient in changing this belief. A sick mind cannot cure a sick mind. So, along with the recognition (through self-examination, lessons, and talk with trusted friends) of this belief, I need to be aware of, accept, and allow Divine Strength to assist in removing it.

As I release the old beliefs, space is created in my new awareness, this new me that's arising, for a new, more enlightened set of beliefs, that I am worthy, strong, and confident. As this new truth settles in, the world around me begins to change. I attract people who are confident and sure. I attract situations that are fulfilling and in resonance with the more confident me I am becoming. I begin to spiral upward instead of downward.

In every moment, in each day, we have a choice to continue attracting what we've attracted before or to allow our thoughts to be changed to be more in accordance with Divine. Willing to release the old, we make room for new.

Much love,