He contemplated the questions before him as he sat in bed with his writing pad. It was Sunday morning and Abe decided he didn't need to be anywhere for a few hours that morning so he set his mind to contemplating the next chapter. His life had been unfolding nicely for these past few years since recovering from the untimely loss of his wife and daughter in the crash.

He turned his mind from the past and looked at the words he'd written a few moments ago. “What would you dream if your dreams had no limits? What would you live if your dreams were your life?”

Abe was still contemplating these questions as he arrived in church. He felt annoyed, as he often had, that the service had begun a few minutes before the hour. He caught himself and realized that judgment was not a source for peace in his thinking – judgment was not a loving act. He remembered again that the others in church were, like him, still human. He closed the door to judgment and opened the door to God.

He asked his God the same questions he'd asked himself earlier. “What would I dream if my dreams had no limits? What life would I lead if I lived the life of my dreams?” The answers came. In inspired thoughts; in words from the preacher; in words from the Bible – the answers came. He wrote them down after the service so as not to lose them on the drive home.

Here is what he wrote:

My dreams → my vision → my goals


  • joy replaces sorrow
  • yesterday is past
  • today is bright


  • written goals
  • measured
  • believed
  • achieved


  • reminders
  • willingness
  • discipline
  • success


  • get distracted
  • look for more (realize that the woman of my dreams either is already in my life or it's not yet time for her to arrive_
  • worry about tomorrow (stay in the perfection of today)


  • inspire the world through my writing
  • continue to grow
  • experience massive joy


  • use every medium at my disposal to inspire all I can reach


  • write a book (entitled A Better Way)
  • publish poems
  • publish essays
  • publish short stories