Ken Rider, a new-age guru and self-proclaimed student of creamed corn, has led a charmed life, in more ways than one. His rise to greatness began when he devised a microwave pouch for creamed corn. He patented the idea before licensing it to all the major members of the canned food oligopoly. The single serving size moved him even higher; his entrepreneurial exploits are legendary and are used as case studies at all the major business schools worldwide. He, more than any other person, was responsible for the worldwide end to hunger, to a return to fitness, to the awakening of bliss that has been a worldwide phenomenon.

But that was just the beginning of the story...

Ken's vast wealth and karmic capital has allowed him to truly choose his destiny. He constructed three homes, one in Aspen, Colorado, one on an obscure island about halfway between Australia and New Zealand, and a third in Tibet. He spent two years with the Dalai Lama, learning much about enlightenment and finding the nirvana of the loving nowness and oneness of all. When he'd learned all the Dalai Lama had to teach, he turned to the creamed corn.

In his home, small, but ample, built entirely of creamed corn, he set his focus and intent on his new master. Creamed corn was his home, his only food, his constant thought, his day, his night, his love, his teacher, his student. He was enmeshed and enshrined and entranced in the perfection of creamed corn.

For three months, Ken listened. Just before retiring each night, Ken wrote, as best he could, the essence of the wisdom and knowledge transmitted to him by the corn in that day. His ninety-two lessons for living and bliss follow. It is Ken's humble wish that all may benefit from the love of the teachings of the creamed corn.

1. Creamed corn is life.
2. Creamed corn is forever.
3. Creamed corn is sustenance.
4. Life is creamed corn.
5. Creamed corn is one with its can.
6. A can of creamed corn is infinite in its possibilities for giving.
7. Each can of creamed corn is infinite in its possibilities for giving.
8. All cans of creamed corn are one.
9. There are no expiration dates.
10. Expiration dates are the big lie.
11. All is truth.
12. There are no lies.
13. There are no expiration dates.
14. The great continuum of life begins with creamed corn.
15. The great continuum of life ends with creamed corn.
16. There is no beginning.
17. There is no end.
18. Creamed corn was, is, and forever shall be.
19. To seek creamed corn is to know its wonders.
20. To find creamed corn is to experience its wonders.
21. To love creamed corn is to find creamed corn.
22. Creamed corn is creamy.
23. Creamed corn is corny.
24. Some lessons are obvious.
25. The subtle lessons are less obvious.
26. Creamed corn is the constant teacher.
27. The constant teacher is patient and true.
28. The truth will lead you to creamed corn.
29. Creamed corn will lead you to the truth.
30. Beyond the creamed corn, there is only creamed corn.
31. Creamed corn is the beginning of perfection.
32. Perfection is timeless and formless.
33. The beginning of perfection is the fullness of perfection.
34. The beginning of understanding of creamed corn is the fullness of understanding of creamed corn.
35. There is no corn in creamed corn.
36. There is no cream in creamed corn.
37. To surrender to the nothingness of creamed corn is utter pain.
38. To surrender to the oneness of creamed corn is utter pain.
39. Pain and bliss are one.
40. Creamed corn is the merging of cream and corn.
41. The cream in the corn has surrendered to the creamed corn.
42. The corn in the cream has merged into the creamed corn.
43. Neither cream nor corn is divisible.
44. Neither cream nor corn is distinguishable.
45. It is not my mother's fault that she did not feed me creamed corn.
46. The return to the path of oneness in the creamed corn is the only way.
47. My mother's mother did not feed her creamed corn either.
48. Confusion precedes growth. We must surrender to the creamed corn.
49. The way of bliss is harsh and not at all creamy.
50. The creamed corn is distant and harsh.
51. The creamed corn is evil.
52. My mother is evil.
53. My mother is one with the creamed corn.
56. Creamed corn soothes the hunger, eases the pain.
57. Creamed corn loves me.
58. Creamed corn forgives my weakness.
59. Creamed corn is not evil.
60. Creamed corn is my mother.
62. There is no thought but creamed corn.
63. Thoughts are not the way to bliss.
64. Sleeping in a warm bed of creamed corn is soothing.
65. I forgive my mother.
66. The creamed corn is my constant dance.
67. To bathe in creamed corn is ecstasy.
68. Beyond the creamed corn is the déjà vu of perfection.
69. Beyond the creamed corn is more creamed corn.
70. Sanity is overrated.
71. My mother and I enjoy creamed corn.
72. Creamed corn does not punish me; only I punish me.
73. I choose to remain in my home of creamed corn.
74. I choose to remain in the loving bliss of creamed corn.
75. Today I built an altar to Creamed Corn. Today I am in love.
76. Creamed Corn lives to teach me.
77. Creamed Corn creates this oasis of life for me.
78. Creamed Corn is the Beauty of Perfection.
79. Creamed Corn is perfect healing.
80. Creamed Corn is on my heart.
81. I am a child of the Creamed Corn.
82. Creamed Corn and I are in Sacred and Holy Oneness.
83. I am Creamed Corn.
84. My mother is Creamed Corn.
85. I am creamed corn.
86. I am bliss.
87. I am student and teacher to the world.
88. Creamed corn holds all the answers to all the questions.
89. Creamed corn is the secret to true and lasting bliss.
90. All may benefit from these lessons.
91. I will share creamed corn with all the world.
92. The time for creamed corn is now.

Ken offers a study guide, plans to build your own house of creamed corn, as well as private mentoring. For more information, visit Ken's website at