Show me, dear Lord, your power
Bathe me in your purifying fire
Remove my needs and wants
Cleanse me of every desire

My life is in Your hands
I offer now all that I am
Cleanse me in the Healing Blood
Offered by an Innocent Lamb

Jesus is the way
The truth, the power, the light
Bathe me in His loveliness
Heal my imperfect sight

Lead me in Your glory
Burn my sins away
I’ll follow You forever
Do anything You say

Make me, Lord, a tower
Of hope and faith and grace
Cover me in mercy
Let it show on my loving face

Your words, Lord, fill my heart
They heal this poor, lost soul
In you, Lord, there is power
And strength to make me whole

In every waking moment
I need Your wondrous power
Fill me in Your presence
Each and every hour

Show me, Lord, the way
To walk now in Your will
In love and grace and mercy
Lord, teach me to be still