How do I go
So quickly and effortlessly
From abundant joy
To stifling misery?

Reveal to me Lord
Tell me what I must know
Help me to reap
What my heart longs to sow

Your light and your love
Flow from my hands
My spirit is lightened
By your everlasting mercy

Refill now my healing
Make clear my cloudy mind
Touch me with your Spirit
Make me, Lord, divine

Shall I really descend
To the depths of hell?
Must I live with this burden?
This heavy death knell?

To heal the world
Accept your destined place
Kneel down before me
And gaze at my face

Surrounded by children
Who will lead me?
The Christ that’s within
God, help me to see

How can my faith
So strong from outside
It fills all the oceans
Vast, deep, and wide

And yet, I don’t see
The love of your heart
Please take my hand, Father
Show me where I must start

I beg and implore you
Free me in your power
I need your precious mercy
Beginning this hour

I’m lost and afraid
Show me where to go
Fill me with knowledge
Take the doubt and woe

Dear God, to you, I give
My whole imperfect me
Fill me in your blessings
Teach me, God, to see

I need to hear your voice
I need to see your face
Flood me in your light
Heal this wounded place