My greatest fear is writing. I've lots of little fears and apprehensions, too, but that's the biggest. Is it writing? Not precisely. I'm obviously writing right now and have been writing lots, especially since the beginning of this year. My greatest fear isn't writing then, but fiction writing? No, that's not quite so either. What's the actual fear? Sharing my writing? No. I've published a bunch of books and share stuff most every day on the internet.

So what's the actual fear? It seems to have something to do with doing my best, giving it my all, and still failing. So long as it's a far off goal, it's not all that risky. But if I decide that I'm going to finish a novel by spring, or that I'm going to finish and submit the hillbilly heaven story, that scares me. What scares me is doing my best and still failing. And that's just what happened at my last job. I gave it my all and I couldn't sustain it; I got fired.