[verse 1]
Walked into the crowded bar
An end to the unending week
I saw your windblown hair
As you walked in from the street

I wondered what might happen
If I asked to know your name
Hoped in that brave moment
We'd never be the same

I've always been a dreamer
But the dream was new tonight
I wondered if you'd save my day
And fill my lonesome night

Thrill me tonight
Fill me tonight
Save me from today
Fill my lonely night

Follow me tonight
I'll show you where you live
Tell to me your name
And thrill me tonight

[verse 2]
The blur of midday ended
As day turned into night
Into your twilight eyes
Into the promised light

I crossed the crowded place
And found your starlit face
Asked you for your name
Into my night you came

I've always been a dreamer
But the dream came true tonight
As day turned into evening
Adorned in your beautiful sight


[verse 3]
We drove into the night
Top down, tunes filled the dark
You touched my tired leg
The night lept through my chest

And then began the rest
Of night's remembered place
Gazing into starlight
Gazing at your face

The tickled insecurities
Faded into dark
As night fell into silence
And all the world fell stark


[verse 4]
Arriving into silence
We fell to life renewed
And life was newly mobile
Moving into grace

The fire turned to light
As colors bloomed to life
I touched your blooming rose
And kissed your waiting face

Perfection found in wonder
Exploring newfound fates
Alive in newfound wonders
Emptying our plates


[verse 5]
Enlivened imprecisions
As day turned into night
We flew to unknown places
Releasing all old plights

And fire turned to night
And water flowed in peace
Releasing you in silence
Screaming in release

Exploding into glory
I touched your waiting place
Started with a moment
I braved to ask your name