Father God,

Let me remain in the perfect freedom of your grace. I am enthralled in the powerful honor of your amazing presence. As you fill me in your healing light, let your love show in all my actions – this day and the next… and the next. I am humbled by the inconceivable knowledge that Your Hand, Your actual Hand, is upon me, present in my every moment.

I am so completely and utterly unworthy and undeserving of your miraculous embrace. And yet, I feel it unmistakably, I feel it pervasively; it fills every cell of my body, every thought of my mind.

And yet, I have a true and gifted knowing that this overwhelming love of yours I feel for me will expand, will grow, will be amplified and magnified. How could I ever begin to repay this gift? I am forever in your debt. I am infinitely blessed in your holy presence, healing, and grace.

I am in love with you, dear Father. I love you, honor you, cherish you, worship you, praise you, and thank you.

Dear God,

Let me today and forever feel this depth and level of love for Joddy and for my children. Let me be overwhelmed in my love for them and for all your children.

Let me love you and all others as Christ did.

Anoint me to do good and perfect works for you and in you.

Let your love and healing shine through me, today and forever.

I love you.