Servant leadership is choosing to value others’ dreams, fulfillment, and opinions as highly as our own. It is the consistent recognition and elevation of the truth that there is value and greatness in every person we would seek to lead and influence.

Servant leaders understand the value of deference. We surround ourselves with people smarter and more talented than we are in their individual domains and trust them and empower them to shine.

Servant leadership requires faith, immense faith, in the knowledge that our endeavors have purpose. In that faith, we are endowed with the mettle to surrender. We understand fully, with humility, that our vision is larger than we are; we ask for and accept help, both corporeal and divine.

How can we best serve and influence others? By choosing to believe, consistently and increasingly, that those we would influence have intrinsic value, and by honoring and fostering that value.

In our humility, we are bold. In our faith, we are determined. In entrusting others, we gain their trust. In empowering others, we are empowered. We are empowered to meet every challenge, not alone, but with those we have influenced, empowered, mentored, trusted, and valued.

We serve those we lead so that they may grow. And as those we serve grow, we too, grow. We honor the potential that exists in all, and we invite all to shine, to create, to produce, and to be fulfilled.