I put little stock in the ideals of S.M.A.R.T. goal setting. I love goals, and set and achieve them all the time. But Specific:, perhaps, but not so specific that it doesn’t leave room for flexibility. Measurable: perhaps again, but too much emphasis on the metrics dilutes the actual goals. Achievable: no thanks; I like my goals to be not quite attainable so that I need stretch (think Wright Brothers, Edison, et al). Realistic: even worse; if I am a realist, it is only in the respect that I create my own reality. And Timely: again, no thanks; time is relative and I choose not to be constrained by it.

I prefer D.U.M.B. goal setting. Dynamic (flexible), Understandable (clear, written), Meaningful (provides value to me and others), and Bold (limits? what limits?).