“I simply don’t believe in the limits that you believe in.”

“I don’t even know what that means.”

“It means precisely what it says. It means that I know that this life we share is limited only to the extent that we believe it’s limited. It means that I don’t subscribe to your definition of the universe, to a definition based almost wholly on physical theories and postulates and misdirections. It means—”

“Are you saying that Newton was wrong? And Galileo? And Einstein?”

“That’s not precisely what I’m saying, no. What I’m saying is that they were right, and you are right in your agreement with them. And that is perfectly okay for all of you. But I’m also saying that their correct view and perception of the universe is not the only correct view and perception. And I’m saying I don’t subscribe to theirs, or to yours.”

“What? You’re somehow smarter than all of us? You’ve found some sort of higher formula?”

“It’s not about smarts. It’s about the precise opposite of smarts. It’s about heart, about soul, about courage and independence.”


“Yes. I have chosen independence in my mindset. I choose to be free of the constraints of all the common wisdom and learning. I’m free to choose my very own way of seeing existence, and that very act indeed changes my version of existence.”

“So we live in different worlds?”

“Exactly. Precisely.”

“But that’s impossible.”

“Perhaps in your universe it is impossible. Not in mine. That’s the crux. We share the same space, but we don't share the same reality.”