There was a time I had forgotten who I am. But now I am reawakened.

No longer must I fall into the trap of attempting to be who you would have me be. I know who I am. I am God’s child. I am God’s extension. I am God’s creation. I am wholly connected to God. I am of God. I am God.

Your every judgment of my lovelessness is incorrect. Your every choice to not trust me is based only on your fear. I have no need to suffer on your behalf, for I am whole.

We are surrounded by the vast, endless ocean that is God’s love. There is only peace in that ebbing and flowing tide that touches us, washes over us, fills us, sustains us. In this perfect knowledge of the pervasive presence of God that is our every thought, every touch, every movement, we are in absolute safety. There is never a reason for lack, not for lack of trust, nor for lack of life, nor for lack of love or happiness. We are not victims of the world, but, indeed, we are the creators of this world. And would we, given clarity of thought and sanity of choice, ever select anything less than perfect loving peace? I think not.

Let us then choose to live in this awareness, in this world we have created and continue to create, in only loving peace. Let us drop all illusion. Let us be free.

Could it be so, would it be so, how wonderfully joyous would our life together be. You, my goddess, I adore. You, my sweetness, I savor. In you, my joy, I revel. I gladly scale your strong, tall walls. I look upon your magnificence and gasp in holy wonder. I gaze into your light and am stilled.