Choosing to follow the higher path requires much commitment and fortitude. It’s not easy to go against the tide, to choose to remain vigilant and aware of the importance of each and every choice we make. The path of least resistance is to follow. Bosses, government, laws, societal whims. It’s easy to simply deny the higher truths which our hearts and souls know matter most. It’s easy to be a follower. It’s easy to lose ourselves in the winds, to be blown where those winds blow. And it feels natural. That’s the trap. We hear something and we believe it. Someone tells us to do something and we simply do it. 

But easy is rarely rewarding. The easy path is rarely that which our highest selves, our souls, our spirits, our connection to divine, know to be the right and righteous way.

Remind yourself today of what matters. Remind yourself of your priorities, not those priorities which appear to be important and pressing, but those priorities which truly matter. What is God’s will for you today? What is your assigned purpose? Identifying these, as best we can, each day, each moment, while admittedly not easy, and following these priorities, brings riches, the riches that matter. Truth, peace, significance, honor, legacy, and fulfillment. 

Place God’s will at the top of every choice and you will, in time, realize these riches. Make the difficult choices, in full awareness of the highest truth you can identify in any given situation. Is God smiling on your decision? Your action? If not, look deeper, look higher, find your divine strength, and change course. You’ll be glad you did. Faith and fortitude bring riches.