Who are you to tell me I’m not worthy? You may be taller, but I’m tall enough. You may be more fit, but I am fit enough. Your car may be faster or more shiny, your house might be larger and more clean, your smile might be bigger, you might have a better job, a clearer conscience, a dozen more close friends. I might not measure up to you in many ways.

I might be distraught, discouraged, confused. I might be sad, lonely, and lost. I might feel inadequate, small, unloved. My scars might be visible, or hidden beneath a strong front. My difficulties might seem trivial to you. My reasons might elude you.

You’ll never know, unless you decide to look deeper. You’ll never see my value for you’re just like me—searching for your own.

Instead of being afraid of each other, instead of judging each other, instead of comparing and competing and playing these foolish games, let’s instead choose to be real. Let’s find the real meanings of compassion and understanding and forgiveness and love. Let’s keep in mind that we’re both worthy, that we were born of a loving God, that God is alive and watching and nudging and guiding us, and most of all, that God is here, now, loving each of us, loving both of us, completely, absolutely, and fervently.

Shall we?