At the core of my anger is the constant insistence from others that I fit into the world’s mold. Most people have no capability to see a guy like me for who I am because I don’t fit their view of how people think, feel, and behave. You trample my heart for I refuse to protect myself. I look for the good in people, knowing it’s there somewhere, and am consistently disappointed as people refuse to think and act to their potential.

And please don’t tell me it’s all about needing to love myself more. I love myself completely. That’s not my issue. That’s your issue if that’s what’s occurred to you.

And don’t suggest I need to set better boundaries for boundaries are, by their very definition, based on fear, and I refuse to bow to the world’s pressures to live in more fear.

Don’t tell me I need to be afraid of this government intrusion or that environmental issue or some other faddish apprehension. Fear is always, always, always, caused by either a witting or unwitting denial of love.

I pray that one day people will wake to the truths of life, will realize that heaven is here, that trust is love and a lack of trust is fear, and that I really and truly am precisely who I appear to be, as unlikely as that truth seems.