Why do we think we have problems when we also believe, know even, that we are one with God and God loves us and God is in control? How can there be a single moment of “problem” or of imperfection? Does that mean that God is imperfect? Of course not! We know better than that for we have tasted moments of bliss, of ecstasy, of divinity. Purely and simply, God cannot be bad and cannot make mistakes and we are one with God, wholly and utterly connected, melded, intertwined. So how can there be even a moment of imperfection? How can we possibly have problems? We can’t. We can only choose to believe that we do. We can only believe our own foolish lies. Or… We can see the truth that we are good and well and the world is good and well and ALL is good and well. Always has been. Always will be. Right?