Father God,

Fill us with the desire to grow strong
But also with the recognition
The all strength is from You
And feed our desire

Love is flowing from You hand
Through the hearts of Your children
It pervades and permeates all that is
All that was and all that will be

Grant us the grace to forgive
Let us not seek to be made whole
Wholeness comes only from You
Forgiveness opens anew our hearts

All the gifts in store for us
Set loose this brave new day
Open our eyes to see, our hands to receive
From You all good gifts flow forever

Give to us the peace of clarity
We seek to know Your face
Close our eyes from humanity’s noise
Take us into Your presence

And as we become bathed in Your peace
Let us shine that peace on the world
You have created us to love You
Guide us to this perfect fate

Strengthen, too, our acceptance
Remind us that all is as You have designed
Teach us in the way of calm compassion
Let us help to still the pond of existence

Teach us to sing Your wondrous praises
Fill us with Your grand and quiet love
Grant us the mind of pure Light
That we might shine through Your children

Lead us, Father, to a heart of graciousness
Fill us with a perfect sense of acceptance
Flood us in Your forever divine love
Let us enjoy the peace of Your heart