Heavenly Father,
Loving Jehovah God,
God of today,
God of yesterday,
God of our fathers,
God of tomorrow,

We love you.
We thank you.
We worship you,
We bow before you.
Your love is unending.
Your love is forever.
Your love is complete.
In you, we are made whole.
In you, we are made one.
We will forever need your perfect embrace.
We will always need your infinite grace.
You gave your son for us.
So that we might live.
In your holy and bright and joyful peace.
We could never be worthy of the love you offer us.
And yet, here it is.
Your love engulfs us.
Your mercy floods us.
We ask for the grace and power to accept your present and healing love.
We are healed in you.
We love you.
We will always love you.
By your grace.
In the perfect and sweet name of Jesus, we pray.
Save us.
Hold us.
Keep us.
Help us.
Heal us.
Sustain us.
Love us.