Dear God,

At your feet, I tremble. To you, I bow in contrition. You are my Lord and my God and my forever Source of peace. I ask you to humble me, to make me small, to crush all that remains in me. Please. Take me. Humble me. Accept me.

My strength is only in you, dear Father. Without you, I am nothing. Strip from me all thoughts of fear and unbelief. Help me to know at my deepest core that we are One.

It seems the more I grow in you, the weaker I become, Lord. I accept my weakness and ask for more weakness. Destroy my illusions and delusions of power in my utter human weakness.

Forgive me, Father. Though I am unworthy, I ask for the healing presence of your grace. Mold me to the perfection you desire me to be.

I love you.