Today is a day full of moments of infinite potential. Today is the day of miraculous new beginnings. Today is the greatest day since the dawn of time to walk and breathe and live and love. Today is the day destined to be. Today is the day that God created for me.

I will walk in your perfect peace forever, dear Father. Your grace sets forth unstoppable and unknown levels of new and fantastic and forever possibilities. And so, today, I will choose to begin with a simple prayer, this new chapter.

Divine Light,

Grant me the strength of your unending peace and hope and love. I ask for you to move my thoughts, my mind, my heart, my hands. I ask that you would unleash in me the unquenchable fire of creative thought. I desire that you would release the hidden stories of the birth of the awakening moon. I pray that you would send forth muses to fill me with sweet and perfect inspiration.

Fill me
Move me
Guide me
Use me

And so it is...