Tell me, God. Tell me why. Why do you create a son so willing to be lost in his thoughts? Why do I wander from your holy embrace? Why do I continue to seek your face?

You are here.
I am here.
We are one.

Fill me, Father; flood me in your grace. Let me feel the angels' song. The light is one, the light is now, the light is forever.

In you, there is peace. In you, there is love. All I desire is you, dear God.

Take all of me into all of you, precious and perfect source of all. Only in you can my heart ever find peace... and peace is truly all I desire.

As the stars shine forth from the day and night, so your love is everpresent and everpervasive and evertrue. Holy Spirit, Living Son, fill me with the breath of One. Let the angels sing our glorious song, as I come into your presence.

Release all I chose to believe. Take me as a child in perfect emptiness. All I have learned is from the flawed perception of my flawed humanity. Take it all from me now. Let me dwell in our spirits' merging knowledge. This knowledge both encompasses and extends time and space. This knowledge, timeless and endless, is our holy destiny. Let it be all I feel in this perfect moment...

Your healing power is amazing and awesome and true, dear Father. Thank you for your beautiful and divine blessings shared in this song I sing to you. I adore you. I praise you. I thank you. I need you. I join you.