Father God,

Fill us all today with the Light of Creation. Let us taste the Holy Glory of You. Let the angels sing with us this sacred song of Your Perfect Love. Our hearts cannot contain the adoration we have in You.

Lover, loved, loving, love. Adoring, adored, in constant adoration. Desiring, needing, seeking, One. Filled with the joyous praises of the Son. Let our song increase in potential.

Let the Gifts You have set aside for us flow forever, starting in this Perfect Moment. We have met here to praise You. We come together in Your Oneness to Love. Let love be all we see. In her, in him, in You, in We, in me. Flood the souls of all we touch today with hope, peace, contentment, fervor, life, jubilation.

Let our essence be One. Let the will of You and the will of Me be utterly without distinction. We seek You, we merge with You. Give us the Perfect Mind of You. In Your will, all is fulfilled. We are whole in Your will.

Remove all wants, desires, hopes, wishes, prayers, from us, Your Holy Children. Remove from us all that is not You. In this state, we are perfected, sanctified, whole.

Let this prayer fill us. Let it be fulfilled. Here. Now. We ask; we receive; we worship. Let the worship begin as all is Now fulfilled.