Holy Father, Heavenly Friend. Spirit of All,

Hear me.

Shine the light on me. Flood me. Reveal in me, all that would keep me in the insanity of separation from You. I am of You. I am created in Your image. I am at peace in the worship of You,  Sweet King of Love. Give me the words to pray to You. Lift my mind in the highest praise. I have been wonderfully made of that which flows throughYour veins. I am at peace in the jubilant praise of You, Dear God.

Fill me with more sweetness. Fill me with more willingness. I want to go deeper. I want to surrender all to You. And then, I want to surrender even more. All flows from You. All flows to You. Let me realize fully that even the Flow that is All that Flows IS You.

Engulf me. Flood me. Fill me. Burn me with the cleansing fire. Let my tears flow, run, heal.... River of Love, River of You. From the dirt I have come. Add to me the Living Water. Mold the mud. Knead the pot. Sanctify me in the Holy Kiln.

In this most precious Holy and Divine Moment, let me know that All IS. I am. You are. We are. Let it be so. Let it be so with me. Let it be so with me now. Let it be so with me and You now. Now. Deeper. Flood. Burn. Live. LOVE!