1. You are connected to a greater whole.

God is creator of all that you see, feel, touch, imagine, are. God created you as God created me. God created us in the Image of God. Thus, we are creators, Creators, connected, one, One.

2. The Power of the Universe is Love.

Before there was form, all was formless. But before love, there was not lovelessness. Love is the Creative Force that pervades all. Love is the connection of spirits to Spirit. Love is the essential ingredient in hope, peace, acceptance, enlightenment, creation, joining, life. Love is the life force that attracts me to you, you to me, God to all. God loves. God desires. God creates. It has always been. This is why infants smile and birds are pushed from the nest.

3. Your natural state is to be awake.

When your essence was formed, you were one with God. You were created from the Divine Matter that is Pure Love. You are a child of God. Literally. In that instant of creation, you were One with God, thus you shared God's state of Being. You were fully awake. You came here to this realm to explore, perceiving that you left God's presence, God's essence. The journey is a return to the Source that created you, a return to God. In that place of Divine coupling with God, you will be One with God. You will be awake. In God, you are awake.

4. There is only unity in Love.

Love is the connection, the power, the presence, the essence. Love is the divine force that draws you to me. Love is attraction. Love seeks Love. You pine for me because you pine for Love. You desire to be One with Creation, with Source, with God. Romantic love is but a portion of Divine Love. Romantic love in the presence of God results in Divine Love. You were created in Love. The end of the journey is Love. This existence is the travel back to Love. To seek Love is natural and normal and your destiny. You feel Love more strongly than others because you are awake. Love is the connection of you and me and God in Divine Unity.

5. There is no lack in Love.

To be free to love fully, you must let go of your expectations. In this moment, you are fed, warm, alive, whole. That is untrue only if you choose to be apart from God. In God, all is good, well, complete, divine. You are of God, in God, thus complete. The false belief in lack springs from your humanity, is fed by your mind. The spirit in you, connected to Spirit, fills every need, removing all desire. When you find the fullness of Love in a state of wakefulness, all thought of lack departs.

6. Time is your invention.

Time is relative. It can be bent and molded, pushed and pulled, sped and slowed. If you choose for just an instant to be still, time will cease to exist in that instant. God is timeless, exists outside of time, is not constrained by your construct of time. You, however, are constrained by your view of time. Thus, you can join with God only where your time meets Infinity. Stop. Breathe. Be. Now. There is God.

7. Perfect healing is available to you.

Suffering is the result of choosing to believe in lack. God is Perfect. God has no need of healing; God is already healed. You are connected to God. You are created of the Matter of God. You are therefore OF God. The more you accept this truth, the closer you are to perfect and absolute and limitless healing. The arrival at this place of Divine Healing occurs when all obstacles are removed which you perceive separate you from God. You have chosen suffering because you have chosen to learn lessons. Accept the lessons and be healed.

8. By your thoughts, the dream is born.

You create all that you need, all that you desire, all that you perceive. Forged from the loving Mind of God, you are God's child. There is no distance between you and God. You are connected to God. God is connected to you. When you look deeply into the mirror, into your eyes, it is God that you see. You and God are one. You and God are One. As this is so, you have within you the Power to create. This reality that we share, we have decided to create. In the darkness of the night, your eyes are opened to the stillness of divinity. In sleep, you are awake; in wakefulness, you are dreaming. The dream is yours to create.

9. The flow of God is evident in all you sense.

Before you were created, before all the universe that you perceive was created, there was only God. God conceived. God created. From the essence of God, all was made manifest. From God, creation sprung forth. At the beginning of time, all was God. In the next instant, as God created, all was still God. That truth cannot be changed by your perception of the passage of time. Nor can that truth be changed by your perception of separation from God. Thus, there is nothing that is not of God. There is no profane, only divine. All that you see, hear, smell, feel, remember, dream... all of it... all of it is God.

10. The garden of creation is yours to enjoy.

You know that you are creator and created. You know that you are one with God. You know that God is in all you see and touch and taste and perceive and believe. God has indeed created all that is around you, in this perfect moment, just for you. God's greatest hope is that you live in peace. The peace of God is available to you. Right here. Right now. So then, be filled with that knowing sense that all is indeed divine. Be filled with love. Be filled in love. Be filled with the bliss and joy and jubilant celebration in the sure and certain faith that this garden that surrounds you is yours. Go with it. Flow with it. Enjoy it.

11. Think the thoughts you intend to fulfill.

The Universe, the Source, God, the Creator... creates. You, in Oneness with God are the Creator. All creation stems from your intent. Your intent is created by your thoughts. So, then, think the thoughts that will create for you and for All, those things which are good and loving and beautiful and divine and perfect. Think the thoughts that will lead to the intent that will create the highest self that you can imagine. That higher You will think higher thoughts. Ride the circle of thought to intent to creation to thought as it spirals to heavenly bliss.

12. To find perfect peace, join the will of God.

You have tasted the Love of God. You have danced in Holy praise. You have touched God's glorious face. You have given much in your quest for the precious place of enlightenment. Yet, still, you have times when you feel separated from grace. These moments of lack, times when you feel apart, are caused by your insistence to cling to your own desires. Surrender your will to God's will, utterly, wholly, and without reservation. The degree to which you surrender and accept God's will is precisely equal to your measure of peace. To be at perfect peace, surrender all to God's perfect will.