Song of Love, Song of Life

July 4, 2007

Spirit of Truth, Father of Love, Creator of All, Friend of my heart,

My soul cries out for the beauty of your peace
I forever long for the healing of your touch
In infinite glory, your love soothes my heart
Forever I pang for more of your light

In fullness of mind, I offer my will
In wonderful calm, I give you my life
With all that I am, straight into your hand
I close my eyes and open my mind

In the midst of my trials
A look from above
Through a moment of weakness
You led me with love

God of my fathers
Lord of my life
Teacher forever
In love and in strife

My weak and strong will
To govern alone
My immature want
To control who you are

Take me deeper, my Lord
Take me mind, heart and soul
Only in you
Am I ever made whole

God of my heart
In love and in strife
Teacher forever
I give you my life

Type: Poetry

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