Love's Message (my 1000th poem)

June 10, 2007

As my eye gently caresses your lovely form
I thank the heavens that I am here
In the presence of love's messenger
And love's message...

The hands that touch my face
And brew the nectars of life
The hands that accept my humble gifts
Humbly offer gifts to me

Your mouth that speaks such noble truths
And praises our wondrous God
Covers me with nurturing care
And comforts me with kisses

Eyes that smile kind and bright
Open to your very core
Reflecting all I feel for you
Light of a Savior shining through

Feet that carry you to me
And dance with boundless joy
Walking on through trial and storm
On the path of grace as One

Soft, warm aura emanating
Touching my deepest soul
Joyous sunlight of two minds
Sparks a poem this bright new day

Glorious gift from God above
Is what you are to me
Merging fountains of hope and love
As we leap and flow and be

Heart of God in love's pure source
Seeking the highest planes
Glorious colors bursting free
For all the world to see

Returning to your lovely face
Perfecting creation's glow
Hands, eyes, heart, two lovers know
From heaven, to here, below

Type: Poetry

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