May 26, 2007

Into the stream that flows without end
Dive in and swim in my perfect love
All I create is for you, my child
Universal bliss at your command

From the beginning, we were one
Our minds will never be separated
But by your fear or unbelief
As the toddler longs to be in pain

Return, my child to precious peace
Live in the moment we've designed
Realize that created is creator, too
Be perfect in my loving embrace

My deepest desire flows from your heart
That you live in the sacred bliss of now
Close your eyes, open your soul
Flow from the spirit's holy song

In this instant of bliss and truth
All is as we have forever desired
We are as we have always been
Connected in the moment of our love

Ask, believe, feel, be
Intent is as simple as your wish
Open your eyes to the forgotten truth
That you are all that is

Type: Poetry

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