May 22, 2007

Perfect love shattered
With the utterance of a word
Darkness bites the ear
Bitterness forever heard

Solid or fleeting pain
Pounding in the head
Memories of outward fear
Echoes of what was said

Perception intersects belief
Threatens all we know
Clinging forever to then
Healing's eternal foe

Murder of peaceful hope
Stealing the songbird's dream
Devouring the innocence
Tearing the fabric's seam

Precious right to hold
Need to settle the debt
Hell's wonderful truth
Contentment in the net

But, the Light of love casts doubt
On all the imprisoning lies
Cutting the net of need
The demon's power dies

Forgive to be set free
Of all the surrendered love
Only by the grace
Of the heavenlies above

Forgiveness is the key
Opening the ancient door
Set sail to this moment
In now's forgotten shore

Type: Poetry

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