New Life Begins

May 14, 2007

In the sharing of your eyes
I am at once alive and afraid
This life that was but a few moments ago
Sleeping deep within me
The pain that was impossibly strong
Is but a distant memory
When I hold your perfect little fingers
In my hand

Precious child
We love you and adore you
You have captivated and captured us
And we willingly give all we are to you
Two hearts joined in one great love
Two souls melding to invite another
And now we are three

Your father takes my hand with such gentleness
As I take yours in like manner
And the love that fills this room and these hearts
Sets forth a tear from me

I am not surprised
That your father has been overwhelmed, too
As our new family exchanges
These first loving glances
These first wonderful embraces
These first welcome tears

Type: Poetry

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