Divinity's Nest, Dreamer's Rest

May 6, 2007

From the darkest depths of night
When the dreams are put to sleep
There is where you'll taste
A haunting winter's frozen grape

Bewildered and dismayed no more
Quench the hunger of ancient shores
Feeding desirous steamy thoughts
Feeling hunger's final pangs

Beyond the place of dreamless sleep
The dream reborn from forgotten songs
Serpents' dance under green sky's trance
Moments of forever

Wake the sleeping child once more
Dream the dreams of tomorrow's dawn
Live in final creation's storms
Hearts of one true love forlorn

The quest, the trance, the dance, the life
Lions rest with satisfied smiles
Filled with meat sacrificed to idols
While the hawks encircle above

Be the dream the dreamers dream
Wake to starry ancient scene
Watch Creation, newly formed
Rest a moment in Divinity's nest

Type: Poetry

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