A Choice of Ego or Peace

August 13, 2005

Alien presence, fill me with self;
Flee to the hollow place deep within.
Help me to look for the answers of old;
We'll spend an eternity lost in youth.

Walk in the bliss of the ignorant tune;
Answers elude in the pleasant fog you bring.
Mind is the truth of the mind's great ploys;
Rocket into the endless mires of loss.

A lark from the quiet hints at a different song;
Quiet voice from the stillness, peace, only peace,
Threatens to shatter all truths that we invent,
Fearful abandonment of ego, shock of loss.

Brief glance at the veracity that never falters nor fades,
The spark, the light, the hope of ancient days,
And life is set free, once again, home to truth,
In an instant, transfixed, a return to Your Peace.

I dedicate this to You...
My Peace, my Friend, my Brother, my God...
Thank You for the only real Peace.

I love You,

Type: Poetry

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