April 25, 2007

Creation's dawning began with a smile
Lovers' lives bursting fresh anew
Lessons accepted with grace and care
Connecting as one in the fresh springtime air

Though storms will come in many forms
The harshest indeed are the storms of despair
Fearfully linking in God's holy way
Loving and dancing in this brand new day

Impetuous child inside us makes waves
Clings to the past in so many things
Feelings of love lost, fear of repeat
Lost in the thought of the path of retreat

Forgive me, dear daughter of God I hold dear
Let love heal the words that flowed to thine ear
I honor, respect, cherish and adore
Let's fly off together, let love again soar

I'm sorry for my immaturity, my impetuousness, my thoughtlessness, and my rash and harsh words. I really do love you more than these or any words could possibly say. Please forgive me.

Type: Poetry

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