Love's Tragedy

March 21, 2007

Sought for a lifetime
Growing lessons learned
Hope’s flame burned on
For oh so long a time

Glimpses of each other
Joined eternally in a bold instant
Dreams of forever
Held for a lifetime

And then we touched
And life flowed and ebbed
Lows gone
Life in blessed joy

You were loved, lover, love
As in ancient days past
Beauteous days
Blissful smiles glowing

Hope in destiny restored
Loving forevermore
Tears of great fervor
Dance of intense need

In a moment
For a lifetime
Or so it seemed
Tragic ends, life’s cruel fates

Please, never forget
The magical universes we forged
The healing power of life
Still surrounds

God took me
If only I had one more day
To write these words to you
And end your tears

I await our restoration
At heaven’s gate
And believe
Love will rise again

"Will you write a poem about tortured lovers? Please? Two people who love each other very much, soulmates even... but can't be together except for a short period of time for one reason or another."

Type: Poetry

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