Love Lost

March 20, 2007

Blazing hot desert
Took him away that night
My heart is ice
Frozen in the time of memories

Destined to be joined
Serendipity drew us together
When I looked into your heart
Through dark eyes so strong

Moons phases many
Seasons flowed twice
Rescued in your embrace
Promised for all time

All we touched was bright
World alive in our love
Answered wishes glowing
In the hope of our hearts

My love for you grew
You were loyal and true
Not only to me
But, to your fathers’ noble calling

A soldier from birth
You could not be changed
When your duties called
I smiled as you followed

Deep inside me
I somehow knew
This was to be
Our final embrace

The letter arrived
My soul’s final cries
Forever alone
As love slowly dies

Type: Poetry

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