Tonight's Prayer

March 17, 2007

Father God,

Fill me with the love that you would have me share
Remove from me the thoughts of loss and despair
Take from me all attachments, leave me bare
Send choirs of heavenly angels to lead me there

You are all I desire
I seek you and you offer your hand
Kind and gentle forever
Healing power to share with the land

Divinity stands before me
Thoughts of dawning mystery
Releasing doubt and misery
Faith flowing forth abundantly

I love you, God
All I am I offer to you
My life is no longer my own
Set me on the path you choose

Guide me, Lord, to clarity
Remove all I believe
Replace my thoughts with you
Merging in sacred and holy love

Thank you for this wondrous day
Of joys and sorrows and lessons presented
Gifts of all the world by your hand
Perfect peace is at your command

Set me in my place, dear Lord
Let me feel your holy embrace
Restore the smile to my face
Let joy and laughter my tears replace

All that I am
And all that I'll be
Is in you, dear God
As you are in me

And so it is...


Type: Poetry

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