Song of the Angels

August 7, 2005

In the morning we are awakened,
By the sweet light of the sun.
And the angels dance in the joy,
As they sing this song to the world:

In the Father, we are joined in peace,
In the Son, we find His merciful heart,
As we drift among the beauteous skies,
And accept the grace of love.

Oh Spirit, fill us with the song,
The grateful song of the angels.
We adore the tranquility that You offer us;
And in You, we find our home.

Your Word shows us the way to new life,
In Your light all grief disappears.
In the quiet space between Your breaths,
The mysteries of bliss are revealed.

Oh Spirit, fill us with the love,
The love that cures all ills.
Oh, would that we but say a word,
We know that You will heal.

The secret is revealed in love,
Your peace will set us free.
Abundant blessings are a choice,
In the Spirit, the Son, and me.

Type: Poetry

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