Ecstatic Dawning

February 17, 2007

Touch the dreamer's open heart
Filled with passion's fiery elixir
Dance the dance of bliss with me
Making sweetest love to you

Mixing our deepest essence
No more me nor you
Alive in the small death
Ecstasy dawns in We

This place of you and me
Where souls are without form
Darkness, light, and darkness
Awake in newfound dreams

This glorious place I've described that defies description is where we arrive with the merging of perfect love. Where joy and bliss dance and leap and mix and weep, two spirits find the perfect peace of all divine. In the release of all fear, frustration, loss, bitterness, shame, and chaos, the moment of bursting and blooming love is close at hand.

Join me there?

Type: Poetry

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