Promises from the Darkness

August 3, 2005

Sweet caress of death at the door
Old demons find the moment opportune
To taunt me, to dissuade me
Just one moment, and another, and one moment more

A child with child
A temptress who feasts on souls
The dance with dark angels
So perilously close

Diversions from the path
Drifting toward the fog
The easier choice persuades
The mirror of the age beckons

To rule the devoid
Dark prince of this hell
Fate of ages, cast in ice
A simple choice remains

Devour the child and the scepter is mine
Red dragon steed stands ready
Wonderful bargain is mine, says he
It costs only all I will be

Pray for me, my Father
My hands are afraid to fight
I'm afraid, my Brother, to ask
The questions that plague my hardened heart

Are you there?
Will you listen?
Do you care?
Please, help me to cry ... I don't want to die.

Type: Poetry

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