a day in the life of perfection

December 31, 2006

rising from the ether
freedom rises yet again
dawning of a brave new life
sun shares her glorious light
new babe opens her eyes
risks a moment of love
creates rainbows and warm waves of bliss
all she touches is love
colors of a bright rainbow
as the child learns to walk
and tastes the sweet lollipop
but behind the tree
begins to distract the perfect child
as she follows those that lead
the rain falls
midafternoon heat drops to the ground
painful changes deep within
she can no longer see the sun
finding the deep sorrow of contentment
trees surround
as a new fog pervades
young woman seeks the light
until she forgets even where it came from
she has found the fullness of life
in this dark and dreary realm
and finally
a tear falls
and the sun feels the pain
burns away the fog
chases off the rain
river of tears
washes away the ancient fears
as the sun warms her skin
she risks a new smile
sun is happy yet again

Type: Poetry

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