walking in the valley of lost souls

December 20, 2006

wonder if you could ever imagine
the coarse and grizzly images i've seen
stuck in the hollows of my mind
and yet... i seek even more

bearing the pain
of the baring soul
barely breathing
rarely conceiving

sprint until the feet sink
in the muck of desirous rage
swallowing all your fear
drawing more light near

walking in the valley of lost souls
enjoying the quickening embrace
praying another sickening prayer
sinking in the thickening mire

demure glance from behind a hideous smile
teeth yellowed by a life in the gutter
smoke still rises from your heart
atrracted to the dark ringing bell

will you ever take a chance
believe that maybe we are the same
behind my hideous smile
like you, i am in pain

Type: Poetry

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