black abyss

December 19, 2006

sweet blackness of the abyss
drawn to the romantic gloom
soothed in the peaceful chaos
locked in your heart's room

shriveled by the light
broken by a friend
shattered by this life
wishing it would end

take me to the depths
sweetness of death's call
surrounded by forever
begin and end of all

degrading fury's face
take me to the place
deepen my disgrace
run and I'll give chase

longing for the peace
seething in the fire
lost in my thoughts
filled with all desire

bind me to the prayer
kneel before your face
precious loving father
sucking my disgrace

consumed in your strength
surrender to your love
no healing in sight
nor angels from above

lost in the mire
loved in this place
prisoner of desire
kick me in the face

offer you my throat
cut me with your blade
take away the pain
from black, all is greyed

breathe a final breath
take me to the place
fill me with your peace
let my see your face

life ends to begin
dark angel finds her wing
end of painful sorrow
start of everything

wake to find the hope
open tear-filled eyes
light beneath the gloom
heavenly surprise

Type: Poetry

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