reflections of self

July 29, 2005

today i walked by the river of life
and found a spot where the waters were still
i watched a minnow as she swam with her friends
and i realized that she was a small part of a larger whole

some moments i am a teacher
others, i am a student
occasionally, i am absent
i wondered if my minnow friend knew that today she was my teacher...

my focus moved from the school that swam on
onto the reflection of my face
quite clear, as the moment swam on
the ripples held me as if in a trance

and i saw in my eyes the wisdom of my father
and in the corner of my mouth the kind smile of mom
a hint of my physics teacher as i wrinkled my forehead
and i saw with my heart my precious child

and the realizations grew, as the minnows swam further
and the dawning took life, as the ripples encircled
each life that has touched me has took seed in my spirit
each soul that i've touched, i give a part of me


the chaotic, beauteous connections of life's teachers
the tutelage of the ages, lasting but a moment
sparked in the eye of a minnow
reflected in the eye of my heart

Type: Poetry

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