Canvas of Life

November 25, 2006

As I looked out upon the bright day's sky
It occurred to me that this canvas was created
Just for me
And so
I began to create
Just for you

Upon the grass of emerald green
The horses fed and ponies two
Monochrome, without color
Stark in the absence of hue

Though black and white
And without even grey
Their manes shone brilliant
White in the bright of day

I snicker at the view
And out snuck a snort
Though not from my mouth
But, from the pugs that flew forth

I rested a while
While feeling the view
Rinsed out my brush
While thinking of you

Remembered the day
Graced by your touch
Soft skin on mine
And your sparkly eyes, divine

The brush freshly washed
Took back to work
Bit of baby powder softened
Hands that flowed free

Canvas of life
Colors so true
Painting a creation
Only for you

Type: Poetry

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