an eternity of anticipation

July 29, 2005

i forget how to breathe
can't call to mind how to meditate
though countless miles separate
my fluttering mind is nervous

the eternity of anticipation
before our first meeting
wishing i could hear your voice
projecting my heart across the miles

a walk on the beach
skiing in the Rockies
a seagull, a butterfly
the earthy-sweet scent of flowers

the perfect peace in the temple
a one-legged stance in yoga
the flowing rivers of your heart
immersed in red, fading to gray, the gradients of cacti

holding your hands in mine
i look into your eyes
for an instant, i feel sure
for half a moment we are one

and but an instant later
a small nagging voice tells me
the hour is come and gone
time to go home

elated and hopeful, lost and afraid
only two things i can do
wait ...
and smile

Type: Poetry

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