Bittersweet Tears

July 21, 2003

I've told you I love you,
You know that it's true.
Why must we live apart,
When we know our love is complete?

Our time together brings such bliss,
To me, to you, to us,
You've shown me such colors,
Their brilliance fills my soul.

My precious memories will never fade,
My love will never wane,
I've made my choice, my mind is clear,
You're the only one for me.

Each day I trudge along,
Waiting for your call,
I desire you with all my heart,
Won't rest until you're mine.

On days like this,
When the tears flow free,
I remember what we've had.
And what may still yet be.

To God, I pray each day.
That one day you'll be mine,
We'll share our lives together,
My life will be complete.

Type: Poetry

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